Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This is an open challenge to internet billionaires involved in The New Space Race.

Musk, Bezos, Paul Allen, The Google Guys, Garriot, et al...along with Sir Richard Branson, of course.

Branson is the pioneering elder statesman.

He sets the tone for how a benevolent media mogul should behave.

Gotta give him credit.

I challenge each and every one of these gentlemen to confront Sea Level Rise on Earth as a critical issue before going any further with your Space visions.

More specifically, confront and do the best possible job of explaining Sea Level Rise.

Use your economic clout and internet mastery to present realistic predictions, along with clearly thought out solutions, available for the public to consider.

It's time to get "Down to Earth" on Space.

Get together with Eric Schmidt, of Schmidt Ocean, he's already made inroads into both parts of the challenge.

This is a test of your Sense of Stewardship before you go any further into Near Space...The Shoreline of Outer Space.

Show us your stuff here on The Planet first.

Sea Level Rise is all about Earth's Shoreline

Or should I say, Earth's Shorelines.

We have two, where Ocean meets land and where Atmosphere meets Near Space.

The beach is Earth's Shoreline.

The horizon is The Shoreline of Near Space.

We need both on our journey forward.

On that note, here's a primer on Space Symbiosis.

Deal with the threat to one of Earth's Shorelines before exploiting another.

Accepting this challenge will set you on the path to considerate exploration of Near Space before the exploitation gathers unstoppable momentum.

And, you will gain greater appreciation for how interconnected Earth's 2 Shorelines are, as we forge ahead into a Future you all hope to affect greatly.

For a positive effect...start here...

Friday, October 3, 2014

I am a Googleist...

Becoming a Googleist was easy, and free.

That's why I did it.

I am now a Confirmed Googleist.

Ten years ago it made my liver quiver to say the word Google outloud.

My voice cracked while an involuntary giggle stuck in my throat.

A Google Giggle.

Now my life's work exists within Google's cloud, yet they don't even know I exist.



Here's how it happened.

Google's Blogger format is a free outlet for posting one's thoughts and projecting them into the cloud.

I learned of it in 2006.

My funds were limited, so I gave it a try.

By January of 2007 I was ready to start posting.

In a twist of fate that will soon benefit all Humanity, Sir Richard Branson and Al Gore were getting their 'Scare the Kids and Save the Earth' media barrage ready at that exact same time.

Earth's Environment and our role in it has long been near and dear to my heart.

Suddenly, two big time media guys were about to take environmentalism ballistic.


Blogger gave me the opportunity to record my thoughts as they happened.

I began devouring everything I could find on the burgeoning Climate Crisis

This is my first response... SEACHANGE

Today, the pages appear as you see here...SHORELINE EARTH

The new stuff presents a brighter, more positive outlook.

And it's all FREE...for you and me.

That's why I am a Googleist.

Thank you Google.

Here's where Googleist Power comes in.

It's time to project this material into the conscious awareness of the nice folks at Google.

I want them to realize that they have a key piece of Humanity's Future drifting through their cloud.

It would be smart business for them to find this bright spot in their cloud and use their media mastery to spread this outlook everywhere as soon as possible.

What a great promo for Blogger.

Providing a free and open platform for communication.

Brightening the Future Horizon for all Humanity.

Try Blogger.

OK, Google...

Confirmed Googleist, Steve Smyth, of Lynn, Mass. U.S.A. reporting for duty.

Ready when you are.

Let's make things better.